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Eliminate Overstated Payroll Forever...

and be safer and happier in the process! You can have perfect attendance, save thousands in overhead, and lower your anxiety in minutes. An employer shouldn't have to beg for respect. If you are, watch this Internet Timecard video. Internet Timecard functions as an online timeclock. Users log in to mark their start times. It only takes ten minutes work to prepare payroll based on employee logins. Internet Timecard eliminates employee subjectivity completely. It gently but effectively imposes order on the timekeeping process. Implementing an online time card system takes no time, no investment, and no equipment. Yet the benefits are through the roof. A small company can easily save thousands a year. Workplace management anxiety is lowered and net profits are raised.

We've made this so easy anyone can do it. Just take five minutes to watch the video and you'll know exactly what's involved. More importantly you'll see exactly how it works and why it's so effective. It's just five minutes of your time. In exchange you'll get larger profits from now on, lower stress, and a better relationship with your employees. Do yourself a favor and watch this five minute video. There are three more training vidoes in the video section.

The Smartest Move You Can Make

Did you know your employees are already creating accurate time stamps as they log in and out of their computers? Internet Time Card collects those time stamps and prepares accurate, verifiable time records. Look at the In-Out Board screen below. Green are start time stamps, Red are stop time stamps. Start basing employee pay on time stamps rather than what employees say. Internet Timecard is simple yet complete. Accurate and easy to use, Internet Timecard requires no install or maintenance.

Interent Time Card: Employee Login Log

Employee subjectivity cuts directly into your net profit! Let's say your company policy is one hour for lunch. However employees routinely get back 10 to 30 minutes late. You overlook this behavior. What's a few minutes, right? Consistent indiscretions amount to a lot of time. In this late lunch example you're talking about 2 to 3 hours per week per employee. With Internet Timecard this problem is fixed and you don't have to say a word.

Do you know who's working now? Do you know who worked last night? Some teams are spread across the world. Managers can see who is on the Job at a glance even if they're thousands of miles away. Internet Timecard empowers your organization with these capabilities. It's simple and easy to use. There are no install or start up. It's automatic. Your employees do the work. Once they're exposed to the system they know what to do because their pay depends on it. All you have to do is run the final report. It's easy and accurate.

Labor is expensive, especially in this economy. With time stamps employees work their hours. Stretching, fudging, and forgetting to log out are stopped cold. Every trick is negated. Control labor cost. Don't waste hard-earned profit on unearned pay. Pay for what's been done and no more. Internet Time Card increases performance and increases net profit dramatically.

The first 30 days are free. It is ONLY $3 per month per user after that! No hidden costs. No contracts. Time records are triple backed up!